Get paid $11.25 an hour to work for a Startup! (can be a paid internship)

Write blog posts about marketing for a local fast-paced startup and get paid

David Craige pictureHi, I’m Dave. My team and I are putting together a brand new startup called We are creating a simple, clean site overflowing with some of the most important and useful information on the web that you can use to grow your web traffic and your business. Swing by and check out our video and then we’ll talk about this new job.

We are looking for two things:

You are an awesome writer / blogger who can create amazingly awesome blog posts just like the ones on this site:
(be sure to click and expand each one so you can see all the great content):

You are a hustler. Somebody who is a very diligent worker and can help a startup get a lot done.


Who You Are

What You’ll Get

Location, Location, Location

Uncubed HQ

We work out of this cool office. There are beers in the fridge. 2 different wifis and tons of great tech and marketing events. A great place to work!


How to Join Our Team

1. We would love to see your résumé and some of your work!

Please feel free to link us to your LinkedIn account.

Also it would be great if you linked us to some of your work online. If you have a blog or twitter account that would be great to see. It doesn’t have to be perfect, we just want to take a look. You can quickly make a blog with some of your work by going to

2. We will drop you a line if we would like to bring you in for an interview.



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